Engagement Parenting for Child Success

Games Counter Parenting Mistakes and Misconceptions  

photo by: Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Parents love their children and work hard to prepare them well for success.  Don't let common mistakes and misconceptions under cut your struggle.  Learn about these mistakes and Misconceptions by reading Why Games Motivate and Parents Don't

Good Parenting Requires Uncommon Sense   

Most of the parenting examples you know are wrong.  The 'way it's always been done' is not based on pyschological development or research.  Much greater results can be achieved by working smarter not harder.  Things you can untilize now to begin working smarter: Key Game Elements

Understand Why Uncommon Solutions Are Superior

Many things that parents instinctively do feel good, but don't help children learn.  Be a catalyst for growth and development by doing things differently.  Begin by creating a Punishment Free Home

Why Can't Reality Be As Exciting As Games?

The answer is that it can. Everything we create is intentionally designed and meticulously crafted to fulfil a more basic human need for meaning.  Our products help families develop a more robust and engaging relationship with the most important people in their lives.  No longer will parents have to nag, hound, remind, or coddle their children because they will be motivated to be invovled.  

"The real world just doesn't offer up as easily the carefuly designed pelasures, the thriling challenges, and the powerful social bonding afforded by virtual environments.  Reality doesn't motivate us as effictively.  Reality isn't engineered to maximize our potiential.  Relaity wasn't designed from the bottom up to make us happy...so, there is a growing perception in the gaming community: Reality, compared to games, is broken" ~ Jane McGonigal, Reality is Broken